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Second Roma Women  Gathering in Hungary
Took Place in July 15-16 2022 
Central European University Budapest (CEU) – Hungary 

The meeting was held in Budapest at CEU, the Central European University where 26 women participated.

The Central European University is one of the best universities in Hungary and offers great opportunities for students.

Most Roma girls don’t even know about this opportunity and don’t have the skills and education needed to enter. We managed to invite some friends who told the girls all the necessary information about this university. The girls had the chance to visit the building and meet some of the students studying there. Accommodation was also arranged for them in the dormitory of this university.

We tried to invite and address women with few opportunity to express their views on public issues. They chose a very important topic and it was very important that they were heard and that their message was passed . Our topic was the impact of the war in Ukraine and its consequences on our daily lives and access to services.

We celebrated the meeting by listening to each other, exchanging information, making suggestions and an evening of informal discussion and a dinner at a very nice place in Budapest where everyone could eat whatever they wanted.

RTransform National Gathering in Hungary

On 4 December 2021, the 1st Hungarian Roma Women’s Gathering took place in Pécsvárad, aiming to give women a safe space to talk about the burdens they face in their everyday lives. 

20 women and their children participated in the meeting. With their active engagement, we were able to close a dynamic and fruitful meeting.
Important issues were discussed , solutions sought and recommendations made for :
– The impact of online learning, 
– Conscious family planning, educational opportunities for children removed from  families 
– Housing subsidy critical systems .
These topics play an active role in their daily lives and are closely interlinked, so we provide a platform for experts on these topics to talk and try to find some solution to communicate to policy makers.