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Educational centres toolkit

After the guide on the Gatherings and the desk research have been elaborated, a new output will be created: the Educational Centres Toolkit. Its content will be based on these two previous outputs and a compilation of Successful Educational Actions (SEAs). The Educational centres toolkit is an awareness material to be used in educational centres. The toolkit is to be used during the educational workshops held at a national level, and it has been made with the aim to increase the awareness among educational staff about the need to ensure the universal access to quality education for the entire school body and to give them a useful and accurate tool that help them to translate the workshop into meaningful inclusive practices in their everyday environments.

SEAs, collected in the INCLUD-ED research project, and endorsed by the EU are educational strategies that contribute to overcoming inequalities and promoting social cohesion. SEAs have universal components that have proven to be transferable in a wide variety of contexts and lead to good educational performance.

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These are the most relevant SEA’s in relation with Roma community: