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European Gatherings’ Reports

Based on the National Gatherings’ report. The document will include a summary of the impact and conclusions of each RWSG, a comparative analysis, and conclusions at a European level.

The RTransform project was conceived with the aim of transforming the educational systems of Europe through the political and social mobilization of Roma women. To this end, one of the
project’s goals is to implement the Roma Women Student Gatherings (RWSG) in the five countries that are part of the consortium. Therefore, all involved country partners have already implemented at least one national Gathering. To provide an overview of the implementation of the Gatherings at the Europe level, project partners have created the European Gathering Report.

In particular, at the European level, RTransform envisages the yearly elaboration of the European Gathering’s Report that will be based on the National Gatherings Report of the five implementation countries (Spain, Greece, Hungary, Bulgaria, and the UK). This Report will serve as a political influence source because it will reflect Roma women’s voices and their perspectives in regard to the obstacles and concerns that the women experience in their everyday life.

You can find the English version here and the Greek version here