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Final conference Report

We are pleased to share with you the reports of the Final Conference of the RTransform project where you can find the highlights and main conclusions of the inspiring and impactful Conference “Roma Women Leaders of Change” that took place on 7 September 2023 in the heart of the European Parliament in Brussels in the framework of the RTransform project.

This extraordinary event, aimed to highlight the important role of Roma women in driving social and political change, while focusing on the transformative power of education through the use of Encounters, a successful methodology created 20 years ago by Drom Kotar Mestipen.


You can download the final document report in diferent languages: EnglishCatalan, Spanish, HungarianGreek.

On the 7th of September at the European Parliament Building the Final Conference of the RTransform.eu Project  took place – Women from the partner countries; Hungary, UK, Greece, Bulgaria, and Spain met to explain the objectives, the results and the social and political impact of the project.

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