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In this section, visitors will find information relevant to National Gatherings that have been implemented in various countries such as Greece, Hungary, Bulgaria, and Spain. Visitors can read the Reports from RTransform project partners in different languages. Reports include steps of Gathering preparation, methodologies developed, conclusions, solutions, and further information. RTransform project supports Roma Women to transform the educational systems around Europe through their social and political mobilization.


The RTransform project partner Drom Kotar Mestipen publishes the report on the XXI Roma Women Student Gathering of Catalonia, which took place on 28 May in the city of Amposta. In this report, we explain all the details of this event, which brought together more than 60 Roma women from different parts of the territory to discuss education. Among other things, in the report, you will find photographs of the event and a summary of the conclusions reached by the women. You can read the report in English (click here), Spanish (click here) and Catalan (click here).


Project partner Alternative Innovative Development (AID) has recently published its National Gathering Report in Greek (click here), English (click here) and Romanes (click here) language!

The National Gathering Report includes a description of the preparatory phase devoted to the organization and the coordination of the Gathering, the meetings that all involved members implemented before the date of the Gathering, the discussed action points as well as the main topics that covered the day of the Gathering, its program, the activities, the impact, and the main conclusions.

The National Gathering Report sheds light on the obstacles, the benefits, and the motives that Roma women shared and discussed during the Gathering, whereas the key points of the conclusions are presented within the document.

Project partner AMALIPE Center has also published its National Gathering Report from the 1st Gathering in Bulgaria, both in English (click hereand Bulgarian (click herelanguage!

Read the Report and find out more about the key conclusion points.

Their future actions include: 

  • Prevention of early marriages
  • Support for continuing education
  • Support for Roma women victims of domestic violence (awareness raising)
  • Motivation for personal development

The RTransform project partner AMRITA has also published its National Gathering Report both in English (click here) and Hungarian (click here) language!

Read the Report and find more about the overall preparation of the Gathering, its conclusions, and the proposed solutions.

The RTransform project partner Romani Association of Women Drom Kotar Mestipen from Spain has published its National Gathering Report in the English language (click here), Spanish (click here), Catalan (click here) as well as in Romanes (click here).

The document includes all the points and topics that were discussed in the working groups, which reflect the demands and aspirations of the women who participated in the activity. For more information, please read the Report.

RTransform project partners ensure that all the developed materials are accessible and relatable to anyone interested in the project’s activities. Project partners call the general public to follow the RTransform project online and connect on Twitter and Facebook to learn more about the project’s actions and activities.

After each RWSG, a document will be drafted to evaluate the activity, including the impact and conclusions of each RWSG.