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The outputs of the RTransform project are tools and resources for making possible the transference of the good practices and knowledge that Coordinator organization Drom Kotar Mestipen has acquired during the 19 years it have been implementing the Catalan Roma Student Gatherings at a Spanish level to new contexts. In this sense, two key sources will be the outputs of the project: “Strategies to build effective relationships to organize the Roma Women Student Gatherings: How we, Roma women, can do it?” or the Public Guide, and the Educational Centres Toolkit. Besides this, all the outputs of the project generated by the RTransform project, such as the National Gatherings’ Reports, the desk research, the European Gatherings’ report, the Video book, the Policy Recommendation, and the Final Conference report will also be relevant sources of information to possible new implementation to countries about the impact of the Gatherings both at a national and European level.