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Roma Women Student Gatherings Guide

The RTransform project has recently published its official Guide in English.

Moreover, you can find the guides in Spanish, Catalan, Bulgarian, Hungarian and Greek Version!

This is a useful document at the Grassroots level for Women and organisations that will implement the Roma Students Gatherings. The content of the guide is related to strategies aimed to achieve an articulated organizational structure to be able to implement the Gatherings in a way that can be sustainable over time.

It also includes a description of the Gathering’s event and the compiling evidence methods. The content will be based on these three key points: the creation of effective relationships, the definition of the strategy for the partners’ common goal, and the construction of partnerships with relevant stakeholders.

The consortium aims to publish the Guide in Spanish, Catalan, and Romano. The early part of 2022 will see the items translated and shared on the project’s website.

We will ensure that the materials are accessible and relatable to anyone interested in the project’s activities. Please do follow us online and connect with us on twitter.