RTransform National Gathering in Hungary

The 1st Hungarian Roma Women Gathering took place on 4th December 2021 with the aim to make sure that the women find a safe place to talk about burden issue concerning them on daily bases. We had range of type on age, education, place and social level. We host the meeting in the south of Hungary from 13:30-20:00.

We had 3 main topics to discuss and look for solution with the leaders of the group, experts and role models. The empowerment of the Gathering had active effect on the participants. Girls started to get online assistance on their education from each other. Our self-help program started online for some of the girls who are on the stage to pass the final exam on the school and write the exams for the new school. On the needed subjects such as mathematics, literature, grammar, history, their peers are helping with extra online classes. This practice has already good effect on many girls. We also disseminated to our participants the project’s aim and activities, and we discussed on how each of them who are willing to take an active role, can get involved in project’s activities.

The topics we put on the table were the following:

  1. Impact of Online Education,
  2. Conscious family planning,
  3. Children’s removals from family,
  4. Housing (CSOK eligibility)

These topics play active role on their daily life and are connecting closely so we gave a platform and experts on the topics to talk and try to come up with solutions that will be communicated to the decision makers.Satisfaction was expressed from all of them, and now they are looking forward to the next Gathering in which they can bring some new solutions or recommendations on area in which their opinion was never asked, or they were not involved.