Teacher’s Union discuss Role models in Schools

Rosa Cisneros, Coventry University, March 14th 2023

The National Union of Teachers was a trade union for school teachers in England, Wales, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man. It was a member of the Trades Union Congress. NASUWT, the Teachers’ Union, provides unrivalled protection, benefits and support for teachers, from professional advice and legal support to High Street discounts and free training. By ‘putting teachers first’, the NASUWT works to enhance the status of the teaching profession to deliver real improvements to teachers’ working lives, seeking to ensure they are recognised and rewarded as highly skilled professionals with working conditions that enable them to focus on their core role of teaching.

The NASUWT have access to national advice lines and offer trainings and sessions to their members. The NASUWT asked members of the GTRSB school and HE Pledges to deliver a session. Rosa Cisneros from the RTransform Project presented the resources and the importance of having role models in the schools. The workshop included presenting various GTRSB Pledge films and also answered specific questions on how to improve educational success for GTR pupils in the UK. The participants ranged from head teachers of schools, to teachers, teaching assistants, and other staff. Cisneros provided evidence of the benefits of implementing successful educational actions and invited guests to peruse the website and all of the open access materials.